Vulnerability in EPiServer.Forms

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error build decompiled epinova adapter for my episerver 6 r2 project
Anybody else got any problems with decompiling the epinova adapter found here: https://www.epinova.
Updated: Jun 01, 2016
By: Dona Donna
Vpp Migration Tool as Open Source
There are always problems of some kind with this tool and it would be great if there possible to be able ... work better. +1, but at least for now you can decompile it. Done successfully using Reflector.
Updated: Sep 08, 2014
By: Henrik Fransas
** Invalid View State ** Error while saving Catalog Entry in Commerce Manager Episerver 5.2
Hi, While saving Catalog Entry details when we update (Overview details / Inventory Details ... page and might be corrupted ". I have tried to decompile the code which is used in CatalogEntryEdit.ascx
Updated: Aug 07, 2018
By: Arjun Katkojwala
Extend Change Log Admin Tool
Hi, Is it possible to extend the Change Log tool? When any content is deleted from Content ... Log Action list? Any Suggestions? You could decompile EPiServer.UI.Admin.ViewChangeLog using DotPeek
Updated: Nov 29, 2019
By: Jayesh Madhwani
Episerver Forms SDK
I was wondering if there was an online SDK reference for Episerver Forms? Thanks Hi Scott, ... use something like resharper or ILSpy (free) to decompile the DLLs if you want to browse the full assemblies
Updated: Feb 07, 2019
By: Paul McGann
Error message when creating discount
When creating a discount in episerver back office I recieve the following error: Content ... anyway created and works as expected. When I decompile SalesCampaign I can se that it inherits from BasicContent
Updated: Feb 11, 2019
By: daniel sandberg
Custom promotion development
built dynamically via the code behind. I can decompile the code to see how it works but the article implies ... should be used. Andrew Having looked through the decompiled code I can see that it is dynamically creating
Updated: Apr 29, 2015
By: Andrew Baillie
WithinDistanceFrom only accept integer for
GeoLocation GeoDistance WithinDistanceFrom When you decompile them you see they are just extension methods for ... Windows store. You can add any assemblies in and decompile to see this. Also if you're company is willing
Updated: Oct 27, 2021
By: Vahid Salari
Extending Unified File
Hi,I want to extend/inherit from the UnifiedFile class to add some extra properties and encapsulate ... s aint pretty. So basicly the best way is to decompile 4-5 classes and add them as your own. But as I
Updated: Nov 11, 2008
Windows Auth Archive Scheduled Job
Just curious how everyone here is handling archiving of pages using the archive scheduled job ... should not do any access checking at all. If I decompile the execute method I find something like this: 
Updated: Sep 23, 2014
By: Joshua Folkerts
Edit Packing Slip report
Hi! Does anybody know how you can edit the packing slip with additional fields?   ... configure a new data source for the report? If I decompile the dll's it seems that the data source is hardcoded
Updated: Jan 23, 2013
By: Patrick van Kleef
We're having issues finding records inside of commerce manager that we can find in order management
As a developer, my first inclination is to decompile the source code and see if there are differences ... Order forms. for example. Unfortunately, I cannot decompile the source code. Apart from creating custom pages
Updated: Jun 24, 2021
By: Nick Hamlin
LineItem PlacedPrice is not updating in the database after ValidateLineItemActivity runs
an issue with ValidateLineItemActivity.  We've decompiled and put in our own implementation of this activity ... experience. As a side note, there's no need to decompile the workflows project, it's publicly available
Updated: Jun 23, 2018
By: Todd Jasper
PropertBag can't be used with PageObjectManager?
I created a PropertyBag with just a boolean value, and got an exception trying to save ... PropertyBag class is created by EPiServer, and when I decompile the related code I can see that there is actually
Updated: Apr 09, 2010
By: Magnus Rahl
Multiple virtual roles
Does anyone know if it possible to do a VirtualRoleProvider (or the likes) which creates ... instance. Or add your own extra configuration (decompile the EPiServer.Security.UserMappedRole for inspiration)
Updated: May 16, 2011