Blogging on Episerver World 

1. Create your blog account

  1. Log in to Episerver World.
  2. Go to Blogs and click "Create a blog".
  3. Write the name of your blog in the field "Select a name for your blog".
  4. Check that a blog with the name you have choosen does not already exist by clicking "Check name". Read and accept the terms of use and click "Submit".
  5. The blog is now created. Note the Web address of your blog account on Episerver World. You'll need this address when setting up Microsoft Live Writer for blogging.

    Example: World blog address

To create blog entries with Microsoft Live Writer

  1. Install Windows Essentials.
  2. Open Microsoft Live Writer.
  3. In the Welcome dialog, select "Other blog service" and click "Next".
  4. In the "Add a blog account" dialog, enter your blog address on Episerver World in the "Web address of your blog" field. Enter your Episerver World username and password in the appropriate fields below and click "Next".

    LiveWriter: Adding a blog account

  5. Check the details of your blog account in the Weblog Configuration Complete dialog and click "Finish". A Live Writer window opens and it's now time to start blogging!
  6. Publish your blog post by entering your blog text and clicking "Publish". The tags are implemented by selecting the appropriate categories at the bottom of the editor.

    Publish from Live Writer to EPiServer World

It's as easy as that!

Rules for blogging

» Read the rules for blogging on Episerver World.

To syndicate your blog to Episerver World

If you already have a blog hosted on another website and would like to syndicate it to Episerver World you can enter the RSS or Atom feed URL.

1. Create a new blog at Episerver World.

2. Enter your RSS or Atom Feed URL when you create the blog, or add it later on your "My Settings" page. You also can filter your blog posts that should be syndicated on tags, e.g. enter "episerver". Then only the posts that includes the defined tag or tags will be syndicated to Episerver World.

The blog syndication is a scheduled job that currently runs every hour.