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Bettina Braesch-Andersen

Bettina Braesch-Andersen

 Alias: Bettina Braesch-Andersen
 Company: Västra Götalands Läns Landsting
 Location: Sweden
 Blog: User hasn't created blog yet.
 About me: Description: Hej! Hur avanmäler jag mig från Episerver Ascend 21 oktober. Jag är sjuk. Mvh Mvh Bettina I work at Västra Götalandsregionen as project leader & infomaster for Regionservice - the huge serviceprovider supplying 53 000 users with everything but health care. But I also work with graphical design, photo, brand management, education and support. <br><br>My leading star in life & work is "It has to be fun"

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