Luc Gosso (MVP)

Luc Gosso

 Alias: Luc Gosso (MVP)
 Workplace: Epicweb
 Location: Sweden
 Twitter: LucGosso
 About me: Web Developer since 2000. I’ve been working with EPiServer/Optimizely since 2007. Based in Norrköping Sweden. Project experiences: EPiServer CMS, Episerver Commerce, Episerver Find, Episerver and Extranets – Mobile Channels / Responsive web, Episerver uppgrades, SEO – sitemaps, canonicals, metatag, redirects. Episerver Forms. Digizuite, ImageVault, Fotoware, Azure, PIM InRiver. EMVP 2017-2020, OMVP 2021-2023. Certified Developer. Top 4 Swedens best developer Award TechWorld 2017

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Level: Esteemed Citizen
Total contribution points: 1833 (gain 1167 points more to level up)

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