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Bartosz Sekula

Bartosz Sekula

 Alias: Bartosz Sekula
 Company: Episerver AB
 Location: Poland
 About me:

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Level: Contributing Citizen
Total contribution points: 1099 (gain 401 points more to level up)

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Posted on: Feb 02, 2024

EPiServer has a very powerful validation engine which is easily pluggable with custom validation rules. I've been asked by a colleague to write a...

Posted on: Jul 24, 2023

WARNING: This post is no longer up to date because from CMS UI 12.23.3 inline blocks are no longer enabled by default. They have to be turned on...

Posted on: Jun 20, 2023

WARNING: This post has been updated after releasing version CMS UI 12.24.0 Inline blocks are not enabled by default. Please scroll down to "How to...

Posted on: Mar 28, 2023

Introduction Until now users were able to store list properties in three ways: Store simple types (int, string, DateTime, double) as native...

Posted on: Sep 14, 2022

EPiServer.CMS 12.11.0 introduces a new property type LinkItem . This feature has been one of the most requested features for a long time. The featu...

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