Optimizely Live Monitor

Optimizely Live Monitor provides a real-time overview of the content structure on your website, reflecting the traffic and what parts visitors are currently browsing.



Note: Version 7.17 (released February 2015) of Live Monitor (LIMO) is based on HTML5. From version 7.17 and higher, Optimizely Live Monitor is installed as a NuGet package in Visual Studio. From version 7.5.446, you can install EpiTrace/Live Monitor using NuGet. Earlier versions (former EpiTrace) where installed as .msi files from Optimizely Deployment Center (DC). Lower versions are available as zip files for download.

  1. Install Optimizely CMS using the Visual Studio extension.
  2. [optional] Update the NuGet packages.
  3. Install the EPiServer.LiveMonitor NuGet package.
  4. Configure OWINStartup.


Last updated: Feb 27, 2019