Live Monitor - Commerce Support extension

The Live Monitor - Commerce Support extension enables the monitoring of three types of Optimizely Commerce contents:

Note: See Creating Live Monitor extensions to create a Live Monitor extension and implement a tracker in the extension by inheriting from the ModuleTrackerBase class.

The Live Monitor main package provides user information related to Commerce, along with basic user information, as shown in following image.

  • Placed orders. The number of orders placed by the user displayed for logged-in users only, because order history can  be retrieved only for logged in users, and this information is useful only when an user is logged in.
  • Last orders. Information about the current user’s last order, displayed for logged-in users only. The last order’s total and date are provided.
  • Cart total. Total number of current user’s shopping carts.
  • Items in cart. Number of items in current user’sshopping cart.

Information is retrieved by using Optimizely Commerce services (Mediachase.Commerce).

Last updated: Mar 03, 2016