Optimizely apps and integrations

Optimizely offers many options for extending solutions through APIs, add-on applications, and code contributions, developed by Optimizely, partners, or community members. Some are free, and other requires an additional license.

This section provides an overview of Optimizely-maintained apps (add-ons) and integrations of all types, developed and owned by Optimizely and supported version to version.  The add-ons and integrations listed here require separate installation and configuration. Some of them are available for free, and some require a specific license.


Most apps and integrations involve subscribing to a service, and/or installation of NuGet packages in Visual Studio. See information for each app and integration for configuration and setup.

Version compatibility

See platform integration compatibility for supported product versions.

Apps and integrations by area

See Integrations and interfaces for Optimizely Campaign integration options.

Last updated: Feb 08, 2021