Magnus Rahl
Feb 3, 2023
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CMS Core 12.12.0 delisted from Nuget feed

We have decided to delist version 12.12.0 of the CMS Core packages from our Nuget feed. As a consequence, we are also temporarily delisting version 12.16.0 of the CMS UI packages, since those depend on having CMS Core 12.12.0 or higher, a dependency that can no longer be fulfilled. We will republish CMS UI 12.16.0 as soon as we have a patched 12.12.1 version of CMS Core out, which is estimated to be in a few days.

We have made this decision because of two issues in 12.12.0:

  • CMS-26554: The way that database upgrade scripts are generated requires the name of updated objects to be [dbo] qualified when the update script is executed from our new CLI tool. Some objects turned out to lack this qualifier which triggered this issue when they were now updated, i.e. part of the update script. This slipped through our testing since automatic database upgrades done at site startup does not require this strict qualifier, only the CLI tool does.
  • CMS-25614: There has been a change in lazy loading of properties that in certain scenarios will cause an exception. It requires a certain combination of property size, configuration and the operation executed to be triggered which is why it wasn’t caught in tests.

We have seen a number of support tickets, primarily around the first issue, and to prevent further spread of the issue until have got a fix out we have decided to delist the affected versions.

If you are in the process of updating your solution to these versions, hold your updates for now until you can update to the patched version.

Our sincerest apologies for any inconveniences this might cause.

Update 2023-02-06

CMS Core 12.12.1 has been released and CMS UI 12.16.0 has been re-listed. However, installing EPiServer.CMS 12.16.0 still resolves version 12.12.0 of the CMS Core packages. To force it to use the patched version, you can add a reference to EPiServer.Hosting 12.12.1 to your project:

<PackageReference Include="EPiServer.CMS" Version="12.16.0" />
<!-- EPiServer.Hosting is a dependency of EPiServer.CMS, but by default
version 12.12.0 will be resolved. This forces it to use version 12.12.1
of the Core CMS packages -->
<PackageReference Include="EPiServer.Hosting" Version="12.12.1" />

We will release new versions of e.g. EPiServer.CMS that update the version requirements and we are also evaluating removing 12.12.0 completely to avoid issues.

Update 2023-02-06

We have removed Core 12.12.0 from the Nuget feed, which means 12.12.1 should be resolved instead. But 12.12.0 could still be in your local Nuget cache, in which case it will still be resolved. So if you see 12.12.0 getting resolved, clear your Nuget cache. You can do this from the Package Manager options in Visual Studio, or by calling:

dotnet nuget locals all --clear

We will also soon release a version 12.16.1 of the EPiServer.CMS package as well as the CMS UI packages with updated dependency ranges so that only Core 12.12.1 and above will be resolved, regardless of caches.

Update 2023-02-08

EPiServer.CMS 12.16.1 and the same version of CMS UI packages with updated dependencies to use Core 12.12.1 have ben released. Prefer to use this version over 12.16.0.

Feb 03, 2023


Mark Stott
Mark Stott Feb 7, 2023 11:58 AM

Thank you for the information Magnus.

I had encountered this issue with the [dbo] prefix when updating a sample solution I use for testing my community modules.  As the environment had been initially built using the Optimizely CMS CLI, the DB user was created without [dbo] access when the sample solution was created a year ago.

I have noted that where we are using a SQL user with [dbo] access we haven't encountered these upgrade issues.  But the question then leads to "What level of access are the user accounts in DXP set to?".  If we had not found these issues in local development, would we have then found them on deployment into DXP?

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