DIBS Payment Provider - Installation and User Guide

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EPiServer Commerce 1 R2 SP2

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This document describes how to install and use the DIBS Payment Module for EPiServer Commerce with the Enoteca sample templates. The module is available for EPiServer Commerce 1 R2 SP2, and integrates the DIBS payment provider with EPiServer Commerce.

Important Notice

Multiple shipping is not supported in this version of the DIBS payment provider. In order to enable this, we recommend that you modify the workflow process rather than the DIBS payment provider.

Copying Files

Do the following to add the DIBS source code files to your solution:

  1. Download and install the project source code. You can find the referenced assemblies in the bin folder of Enoteca. You can also copy the bin folder to a folder named Referenced Assemblies, add this at the same level as the DIBS project folder, and then compile the project.
  2. Copy the dll EPiServer.Business.Commerce.Payment.DIBS.dll to the bin folder of the Enoteca and Commerce Manager websites.
  3. Create a DIBS folder in the payment plugins folder of the shared Commerce Manager Site, usually "C:\EPiServer\eCommerceFramework\5.2\<CommerceManagerSite>\Shared\Apps\Order\Payments\Plugins", and copy ConfigurePayment.ascx to it.
  4. Create a DIBS folder in the Metadata folder of the shared Commerce Manager Site, usually "C:\EPiServer\eCommerceFramework\5.2\<CommerceManagerSite>\Shared\Apps\Order\Payments\MetaData", and copy Edittab.ascx to it.
  5. Copy DIBSPayment.aspx, and DIBSPaymentLanding.aspx to the page folder of the Enoteca site, usually "\Templates\ Enoteca\Pages".
  6. Copy PaymentMethods.ascx to the DIBS folder in plugin control folder of the Enoteca site, usually "Templates\Enoteca\Units\Placeable\Plugins\Payment\DIBS" (create a DIBS folder if needed).
  7. Copy lang\DIBSPayment_en.xml to the lang folder of the Enoteca site, usually "Enoteca\lang".

Configuring DIBS in Commerce Manager

Do the following to create and configure the DIBS payment provider in Commerce Manager:

  1. Login to Commerce Manager.
  2. Go to Administration and Order System/Payments/<The language you want to use>.

  3. Click New, and configure the parameters. Note: the following parameters are required and must be configured as follows (Commerce Manager will use these to find the folder that contains .ascx files):
    - System Keyword: DIBS
    - Class Name: EPiServer.Business.Commerce.Payment.DIBS.DIBSPaymentGateway
    - Payment Class: Mediachase.Commerce.Orders.OtherPayment
    The other parameters can be set as desired.

  4. Click OK to save the payment provider.
  5. In the payment provider list, click on DIBS payment, switch to the Parameters tab, and set the parameters for DIBS. NOTE API UserId and Merchant Password are the login/password for the administration page of DIBS. You just need the API UserId to allow customers to check out, but in order to complete and return an order, you must also add a valid Merchant Password.


6.       Click OK to save the payment provider details.

Creating a DIBS Page Type

In order to use the DIBS payment provider you also need to configure a page type to use. See example below for the Enoteca sample templates.

Do the following to define a page type for DIBS to use:

  1. Go to Admin mode and Page Types  in EPiServer CMS, select Create New Page Type.
  2. Create a new page type, with parameters as in the image below, set the file name to the relative path to DIBSPayment.aspx.

  3. Add a property of the type page to the website Home Page as in the image below, the name of the property must be “DIBSPaymentPage”. in this example the property is added to the Settings tab of the Home page.
  4. Go to the EPiServer CMS Edit mode.
  5. In an appropriate part of the structure, create a new page based on the [Commerce] Payment page type.

  6. Edit the Home page of the site, go to the Settings tab and set the property DIBSPaymentPage to point to the DIBS payment page you just created:

Using DIBS

When you have deployed and configured the DIBS payment provider, it will appear as an option in the checkout procedure. Add a product to the basket, proceed to checkout and select DIBS as payment option.