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EPiServer CMS 6 FAQ

The release of EPiServer CMS 6 is just around the corner and there are several frequently asked questions concerning everything from system requirements to new functionality for web editors. This article aims at answering some of those questions. Further articles will be published outlining new and enhanced functionality in EPiServer CMS 6. 

Can I migrate my EPiServer CMS 4 site to EPiServer CMS 6 directly?

No. EPiServer CMS 4 sites must first be migrated to EPiServer CMS 5, from where they can be upgraded to EPiServer CMS 6. 

Is there a lot of work involved to upgrade my EPiServer CMS 5 site to EPiServer CMS 6?

No. The XForms data is migrated automatically to the new Dynamic Data Store during the installation process, but otherwise the upgrade script takes care of the entire upgrade.

Further information about upgrading to EPiServer CMS 6

What are the software and hardware requirements of EPiServer CMS 6?

EPiServer CMS 6 will have official support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008, both 32 and 64 bit. We do however recommend Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit. Please see the system requirements for further information. 

Can we start developing on EPiServer CMS 6 RC1?

Of course you can. EPiServer CMS 6 RC1 has been tested, but we do at this point guarantee 100% watertight development. Versions 5 and 6 are very similar, so changing to version 6 late on in the project should be relatively easy, without risking too many problems.

If you are interested in making use of the new technology in version 6, like Dynamic Data Store or gadgets, you can build these parts in RC1 and then later migrate them into the main project. Please also note that the APIs may be changed in the final release. 

Can EPiServer CMS 4 and 6 sites be run on the same server?

Technically yes, although this is not a general recommendation as we recommend Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit.

Can both EPiServer CMS 4 and 6 websites be run on the same Enterprise license?

EPiServer CMS 4 and 6 sites will not be able to be run with the same license key. A new license key will be required for EPiServer CMS 6.

Are there any changes in performance?

Performance in EPiServer CMS 6 has been greatly improved due to the mirroring improvements and dynamic data store functionality.

Are there any websites currently running on EPiServer CMS 6?

We have upgraded EPiServer World to EPiServer CMS 6 without any problem and know that several other websites also plan to upgrade within the near future.