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EPiServer Commerce 1.0 Release Notes

EPiServer Commerce i designed to be a future-proof e-commerce solution. With EPiServer Commerce you can quickly build and deploy state-of-the-art online stores.

Known Limitations

  • In EPiServer Commerce - version 1.0, do not install a EPiServer CMS 6 site and add EPiServer Commerce to the site at the same time (in the Deployment Center).
    You need to install an EPiServer CMS 6 website first (without public templates - if they are not required) then in the Deployment Center install EPiServer Commerce.
  • When installing the Commerce Manager with a local database server by using Window authencation mode, you must use “(local)” or “MachineName” instead of “.”.
    For example:
    - (local) or (local)\SQLEXPRESS
    - Machine name is EPWKS05, the database server should be “EPWKS05” or “EPWKS05\SQLEXPRESS"
    - not use “.” Or “.\SQLEXPRESS”
  • In this version there are some problems with the MediaChase Bare library which is utilized in EPiServer Commerce