Release Notes for EPiServer Mail 4.4 SP1

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A new unsubscribe system is introduced for EPiServer Mail. The recipient can choose to unsubscribe only to a mailing of a certain category, for instance a weekly newsletter. The recipient will be excluded from all further mailings of this category. The recipient can also choose to unsubscribe to all mailings from this particular EPiServer Mail sender installation. The recipient will not receive any future mailings from this site. When the recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link in the mailing, the unsubscribe option page will be displayed. The recipient can then choose either option to unsubscribe. See the EPiServer Mail 4.4.1 User Guide for further information.

A new option in EPiServer Deployment Center to Upgrade from EPiServer Mail 4.4 to EPiServer Mail 4.4 SP1.

In order to upgrade from version 4.3 you must upgrade to version 4.4 first. Information regarding EPiServer Mail 4.4 can be found in these Release Notes.