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Migrating from StarMail 4.2 to EPiServer Mail 4.3

Migrating to EPiServer Mail can be achieved by simply copying the data of the StarMail tables. This is due to the fact that EPiServer Mail is almost entirely based on the StarMail 4.2 release; database table structure is identical except for the table names.

If any third party implementations are used, they can be adapted by merely changing the referenced assemblies and namespaces and adding one single method to any custom Mail Source Control implementation you might have.

Migrating the Database Tables

The supplied SQL script will allow you to copy data from a StarMail 4.2 installation to an untouched installation of EPiServer Mail 4.3. The script will only work if the EPiServer Mail tables of your installation are empty and will abort otherwise.

Having read access to the old tables and write access to the new; replace the values for variables @SOURCE_DATABASE and @TARGET_DATABASE into the names of your database(s) and execute!

Migrating Third-Party Additions

StarMail 4.2 Recipient Sources and Recipient Stores

The only difference of interfaces IRecipientSource and IRecipientStore, is the change of namespace; StarMail.Core.Sources is now EPiServer.Mail.Core.Sources.

StarMail 4.2 Mail Source Controls

Regarding the interface IMailSourceControl, not only is StarMail.Core.Web changed to EPiServer.Mail.Core.Web, but also the method InitializeMailSource has been added to the interface, allowing the Mail Source Control adapt according to the currently active Recipient Source and Recipient Container. An example is the attribute drop-down menus in the HTML and text editors.

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