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Uninstall EPiServer 4.3


Product version:

EPiServer Mail 4.3

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EPiServer 4.3 Removal

Take the following steps to manually uninstall EPiServerMail 4.3:

1) Remove every table named tblEPiServerMail*  in the database; (also remove tblStarSuite* if you want to remove everything)

2) Remove every stored procedure named spEPiServerMail* in the database; (also remove spStarSuite* if you want to remove everything)

3) Remove the folder called StarCommunity in your site root.

4) Remove the EPiServerMail.config located at <EPiServer UI>\Mail

5) Remove from EPiServer.Mail*.dll the bin folder in your site root. (Also remove StarSuite*.dll if you want to remove everything)

Additional Note) See the following article for upgrading Mail 4.3 to Mail 4.4