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Release notes for Optimizely CMS and Customized Commerce updates

This topic lists Optimizely updates, delivered as NuGet packages and services. You decide which updates apply to your project.

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Note: NuGet packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Optimizely NuGet feed.

Latest changes

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Area ID Type Description Released
  ServiceQueue Bug for Indexing

Fixed an issue where creating a development index with disableServiceQueue=false in the web.config caused exceptions to be thrown.

EPiServer.Find 14.2.0; EPiServer.Find 13.4.9;
Soon to be released
  [CMS12] Issue with ContentArea element

Fixed an issue where no catalog data was shown in the Select Content pop-up.

Soon to be released
  Clean up invalid usages of `Authorize`

Fixed an invalid authorization policy on the Block Conversion tool to allow users with CmsAdmins policy to access the tool.

EPiServer.Labs.BlockEnhancements 1.2.3;
Soon to be released
  Cloudflare caching for Content Delivery API is suboptimal

Improved the Cloudflare caching for Content Delivery API:

  1. Set Browser Cache TTL to a much smaller value, letting clients get updated responses faster without requiring you to rewrite their code to specify a lower max-age value. 
  2. Set Browser Cache TTL -> Respect Existing Headers as the global default.
  3. Specifically set the above defaults for the following Content Delivery API endpoints:


Soon to be released
  Add link to Content Graph synchronization job from menu

Added a link to the Content Graph synchronization job from the menu.

  3 Contents in several languages are not indexed as expected when using service queue

Fixed an issue where some content was not indexed when using the service queue.

EPiServer.Find.Infrastructure 1.12.3;
Soon to be released
  An exception error is shown when opening Details of the previous Indexing Journal results.

Fixed an issue  where an internal server error page with Null Reference Exception displayed after an indexing job completed and you attempted to access details of the indexing job.

  Errors in log file have the same content name after running job in the site

Fixed an issue that generated many errors of the same logged issue when you ran a synchronization job. Now, it generates one or no errors in the log file to indicate an issue.

  Suffix wildcard support on catalog search lost with COM-15726

Re-added wildcard at the end of a query to search for partial product codes.

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 12.1.3;
Soon to be released
  LinkItem doesn't work in Content Graph

Fixed an issue where the LinkItem did not work if you synchronized content to Content Graph.

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