Generating a report is saved on disk instead of in blob can cause problems for non-sticky load balanced environment

Found in

EPiServer.Forms 4.28.0

Fixed in

EPiServer.Forms 4.29.1


Apr 16, 2020


Jul 01, 2020


Closed, Fixed and tested


The problem is when generating a report specificly the call

It saves the file to the disk using Path.GetTempPath() eg the systems temp path. That means that the callback in a non sticky load balanced enviroment most likely will hit another instance when trying to get the file.

A good option for where to save it is in the blob storage if there is one configured.

In order to use Azure blob storate
1. Add config to web.config

  <blob defaultProvider="azureblobs">
        <add name="azureblobs" type="EPiServer.Azure.Blobs.AzureBlobProvider,EPiServer.Azure"
              connectionStringName="EPiServerAzureBlobs" container="mycontainer"/>

2. In Forms.config add setting to use the provider

<episerverforms dataExportBlobProviderName="azureblobs">