FOIA-Updating noderelations/ mode category under other category

Found in

EPiServer.Commerce.Azure 14.0.0

Fixed in

EPiServer.ServiceApi 5.4.4


Feb 04, 2020


Jun 19, 2020


Service API


Closed, Fixed and tested


Customer Impact Statement

Updating noderelations/mode category under another category.

Issue Description

The client is having a problem when deleting an existing NodeRelation.
More details:
First, to delete an existing NodeRelation, they need the ParentNodeCode and the ChildNodeCode.
They want to move it from an existing place to another, so they can see only the newParentCode,
not the existing ParentCode.
Here is the code:

GetJson($"/episerverapi/commerce/nodes/{nodeRelation.ChildNodeCode}/noderelations", out string result);

// result is empty -> we can not GET the nodeRelations from the childNode

 GetJson($"/episerverapi/commerce/nodes/{nodeRelation.ParentNodeCode}/noderelations", out string result);

// result is ok-> we can GET the nodeRelations from the ParentNode

Second, if they create a new nodeRelation (without deleting the existing one) and click the first one,
it jumps to the second one. The first one should be deleted OR they need a way to delete it before they create it.
Here is the code:

PostJson($"/episerverapi/commerce/nodes/{nodeRelation.ParentNodeCode}/noderelations", json);
Json = {"ChildNodeCode":"fjr_sales_Clothes_Trekking_Singi","ParentNodeCode":"fjr_sales_Clothes_Trekking","SortOrder":0}

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