Feed item generation takes longer than desired with high volume of subscribers

Fixed in

EPiServer.Social.Framework 1.5.1


Jul 10, 2017


Aug 29, 2017


Closed, Fixed and tested


Production usage is demonstrating occasional long request times when activities are added. This does not have an obvious impact on the client, since these requests occur in the background, however the requests are taking 15-25 seconds to complete on the back end.

To date, the issue has not occurred frequently but it has happened on multiple occasions. A sample taken from a recent EMEA alert can be found below.

serviceName="fabric:/EPiServer.Social.Cloud.ActivityStreams.Application/Host" serviceTypeName="HostType" replicaOrInstanceId="131438386567417851" partitionId="4c819f26-d963-43d3-be09-f9844168291a" applicationName="fabric:/EPiServer.Social.Cloud.ActivityStreams.Application" applicationTypeName="EPiServer.Social.Cloud.ActivityStreams.ApplicationType" nodeName="_epso-emea-scaleset-wtsaiuhym_2" tenantId="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" loggerId="e3bac210-67f6-4b7f-9c78-178f0ff175da" calledMethod="IFeedItemRepository:AddAsync(Activity, Extension)" calledMethodStartTime="12:06:54 PM" calledMethodDurationTimeMsec="15062.826900"

The issue occurs when activities are added in scenarios with an exceptionally high volume of subscribers.

Note: This behavior is not observable from the client side. The processing impact is incurred within the cloud.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Populate a Social instance with > 1 million subscriptions for a single target.
  2. Using the Social client APIs, publish an activity for that target.
  3. Monitor the time elapsed to complete feed item generation for the activity.
  4. Notice that the time to process the activity is unnecessarily long.