Creating sub folders with the same name causes items in folders to be created and updated improperly

Fixed in



Jun 27, 2016


Oct 12, 2016


Closed, Fixed and tested


1) Create folder tree in sharepoint like :
(a) Product Literature/Training Cards and Charts/ Charts
(b) Sales Resources / Charts
(c) add some documents into both "Charts" folder making note of names.
2) Install and configure sharepoint connector to retrieve documents from list with the above tree structure.
3) after save is complete view documents / items in cms and note that documents in charts folder may not match what is in sharepoint.
4) If they do match,
4a) create a new folder in sharepoint at the root, called 'Charts', remove all documents (or at least one) from cms
4b) click refresh or click to run the update job now button.
Note that documents end up in the root charts folder not the proper charts folder found further down the tree.

  • While Debugging I noticed that this happens because we use the method FindRecursiveFolders. We shouldn't be doing that. We should find the Guid of the sharepoint item in our FolderData table everywhere that method is called (about 5 placeses in Sharepoint processor). However that is if we actually have the folder Guid in the SPListItem which I think we do, not 100% sure.