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Applies to versions: 12 and higher
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The Logging API shipped with Optimizely (EPiServer.Logging namespace) is an abstraction for writing log messages from the system. It merely works as a façade for the logging framework in .NET Core (Microsoft.Extensions.Logging). To manage the configuration and output of the logger, refer to the API of the implementing framework, see Logging in .NET Core.

You should use the logging API defined in .NET Core. Optimizely CMS uses the same API, so CMS and custom logs are written to the same configured output.

Backwards compatibility

If you upgrade an existing project that uses the API defined in EPiServer.Logging, that will still work because it acts as a façade over the API defined in Microsoft.Extensions.Logging . However, for new projects, you should log directly using the Microsoft.Extensions.Logging API.

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Last updated: Sep 28, 2021

Recommended reading