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Activity logging

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The Optimizely Activity system is a facility where recent changes to the solution are tracked.

Note: The Activity API supersedes the previous ChangeLog API that is now deprecated.

For example, all changes to pages, blocks, and media items are logged as an Activity.

Activities are needed to support the project activity feed, mirroring and other platform features as well as providing a general short term auditing mechanism.

All activities are stored at least one month unless another platform feature has a dependency to certain activities, in which cases they may remain for an additional period. Activities without any remaining dependencies are archived or deleted by a scheduled job.

Archived activities are persisted for 12 months by default, but it is possible to modify this by adding an activityArchiveRetentionPeriod attribute to the applicationSettings element in the web.config. The attribute value represents the number of months for which to retain activities in the archive.

  • To disable archiving completely, set the value to 0.
  • To disable the cleanup of the archive and let activities remain indefinitely, set the value to -1. This setting is not recommended unless external safeguards are put in place.

Archived activities can only be retrieved by using the IActivityQueryService.ListActivitiesAsync method, providing a query with the IncludeArchived flag set.

Administrators Change Log

The Change Log is an interface for administrators to list recent activities in Optimizely. For further information on the Change Log view, see the Change Log section in the Optimizely User Guide.

Programming interfaces

The classes and interfaces for the Activities API can be found in the EPiServer.DataAbstraction.Activities namespace in the EPiServer assembly.

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Last updated: Apr 03, 2017

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