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Database objects to user interface label mapping

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Listed below are the database object to user interface label mappings.

Impact to Import and Export when Changing Labels

The Application Dictionary is designed to allow Implementors the capability of changing labels throughout the Admin Console. In doing this, some entities have both an ID (GUID) and an Object. The entity label must be changed at both the GUID and Object level in order to preserve the Import/Export capabilities of that entity.

For example, Product.VendorId and Product.Vendor both have a label of Vendor. If the label is changed in one location, it must be changed in the other.

Field Names (sorted by Label)

Entity Name Label Pluralized Label
productUnitOfMeasure Alternate Unit of Measure Alternate Units of Measure
attributeType Attribute Attributes
audit Audit Log Audit Logs
categoryAttributeType Category Attribute Category Attributes
websiteCurrency Currency Currencies
translationProperty Field Translation Field Translations
integrationJobLog Job Log Job Logs
jobDefinitionStepFieldMap Job Step Field Mapping Job Step Field Mappings
websiteLanguage Language Languages
salesperson Sales Rep Sales Representatives
shipVia Shipping Service Shipping Services
applicationMessage Site Message Site Messages
searchSynonym Synonym Synonyms
htmlRedirect URL Redirect URL Redirects
userProfile User Users
styleClass Variant Variants
styleTrait Variant Trait Variant Traits
styleTraitValue Variant Trait Value Variant Trait Values
productWarehouse Warehouse Warehouses
websiteConfiguration Website Setting Website Settings

Property Names (sorted by Property Name)

Entity Name Property Name Property Value
punchOutCustomerUserProfileMap addressId Address
content approvedByUserProfile Approved By User
content approvedByUserProfileId Approved By
content approvedOn Approved
userProfile approverUserProfileId Approver
attributeValue attributeTypeId Attribute Type
categoryAttributeType attributeTypeId Attribute Type
carrier backUpCarrierId Back Up Carrier
customerOrder btAddress1 Address 1
customerOrder btAddress2 Address 2
customerOrder btAddress3 Address 3
customerOrder btAddress4 Address 4
customerOrder btCity City
customerOrder btCompanyName Company Name
customerOrder btCountry Country
customerOrder btEmail Email
customerOrder btFirstName First Name
customerOrder btLastName Last Name
customerOrder btMiddleName Middle Name
customerOrder btPhone Phone
customerOrder btPostalCode Postal Code
customerOrder btState State
carrierPackage carrierId Carrier
carrierZone carrierId Carrier
shipCharge carrierId Carrier
shipRule carrierId Carrier
carrierZonePostalCodeRange carrierZoneId Carrier Zone
categoryAttributeType categoryId Category
shippingRestriction categoryId Category
shipRule categoryId Category
configurationOption comboConditionalList Conditional List Values
configurationOption comboMultiSelect Multiple Selection Allowed
product configurationObjectId Configuration Object
integrationConnection connectionsLimit Peak Connections Limit
integrationConnection connectionString Generated String
integrationConnection connectionTimeout Idle Timeout
configurationOption containerFileLocation Location
configurationOption containerFileType Type
category contentManager Category Description
product contentManager Product Description
category contentManagerId Category Description
emailTemplate contentManagerId Content Manager
product contentManagerId Product Description
customer countryId Country
shipRule countryId Country
state countryId Country
vendor countryId Country
warehouse countryId Country
website countryId Country
content createdByUserProfile Created By User
content createdByUserProfileId Created By
carrier currencyId Currency
customer currencyId Currency Code
userProfile currencyId Preferred Currency
websiteCurrency currencyId Currency Code
punchOutCustomerUserProfileMap customerId Customer
shipRule customerId Customer
messageAudit customerOrderId Customer Order
customer customerSequence Customer ShipTo Number
integrationJob datasetFileLocation DataSet Name
integrationJob dataSize DataSet Size
configurationOption dateCheckRange Check Date Range
configurationOption dateMaxDaysBack Max Days Back
configurationOption dateMaxDaysForward Max Days Forward
message dateToDisplay Display Date
userProfile defaultCustomerId Default Customer
customer defaultWarehouseId Default Warehouse
jobDefinitionStep deleteAction Action
jobDefinitionStep deleteActionFieldToSet Field To Set
jobDefinitionStep deleteActionValueToSet Value To Set
content deviceType Device
configuration displaySummary Display configuration values on summary
website domainName Domain Name(s)
customerOrder dropShipCustomer Drop Ship
integrationJob duration Elapsed Time
emailList emailTemplateId Email Template
jobDefinition emailTemplateId Email Template
carrier enable Enabled
shipCharge enable Enabled
integrationJob endDateTime Date Completed
propertyConfiguration entityConfigurationId Entity Configuration
customer erpNumber ERP BillTo Number
product erpNumber Product Number
customer erpSequence ERP ShipTo Number
integrationJob errorCount #/Errors
jobDefinitionStep flatFileErrorHandling Missing File Action
messageAudit fromUserProfileId From User Profile
configuration hasSmartPart Creates a SmartPart number
customerOrder initiatedByUserProfile Initiated By
jobDefinition integrationConnection Connection
jobDefinition integrationConnectionId Connection
jobDefinitionStep integrationConnectionOverrideId Connection Override
integrationJob integrationJobLogs Job Logs
attributeType isActive Active
attributeValue isActive Active
carrierPackage isActive Active
categoryAttributeType isActive Active
country isActive Active
customer isActive Active
customerCostCode isActive Active
shippingRestriction isActive Active
specification isActive Active
state isActive Active
styleClass isActive Active
website isActive Active
customer isBillTo Bill To
attributeType isComparable Comparable
product isConfigured Configured
paymentMethod isCreditCard Credit Card
currency isDefault Default Currency
language isDefault Default System Language
persona isDefault Default
productUnitOfMeasure isDefault Default
shipVia isDefault Default
styleTraitValue isDefault Default Value
websiteCurrency isDefault Default Website Currency
warehouse isDefaultWarehouse Default Warehouse
product isDiscontinued Discontinued
customer isDropShip Drop Ship
category isDynamic Dynamic
jobDefinitionStepFieldMap isErpKey Is Dataset Key
category isFeatured Featured
attributeType isFilter Filterable
product isFixedConfiguration Fixed Configuration
product isGiftCard Gift Card
customer isGuest Guest
product isHazardousGood Hazardous Good
carrier isLive Live
promotion isLive Live
websiteCurrency isLive Live
country isoCode2 ISO alpha-2 Code
country isoCode3 ISO alpha-3 Code
product isOutOfStock Out Of Stock
salesperson isOutsideRep Outside Rep
userProfile isPasswordChangeRequired Password Change Required
carrier isPrimaryCarrier Primary Carrier
product isQuoteRequired Quote Required
configurationOption isRequired Required
website isRestricted Restricted Website
customer isShipTo Ship To
customer isSoldTo Sold To
product isSpecialOrder Special Order
product isSponsored Sponsored
product isSubscription Subscription
configurationOption isVisible Visible
integrationJob jobDefinitionId Job Name
jobDefinitionStep jobDefinitionStepFieldMaps Field Maps
configurationOption labelValue Label
content languageId Language
message languageId Language
searchSynonym languageId Language
translationDictionary languageId Language
translationProperty languageId Language
userProfile languageId Language
websiteLanguage languageId Language
product largeImagePath Large Image
jobDefinition linkedJobCondition Link Condition
jobDefinition linkedJobId Linked Job
website mapProductsToCategories Auto Map Products To Categories
jobDefinition maxDeactivationPercent Max Deactivation %
jobDefinition maxErrorsBeforeFail Max Errors Before Failing
jobDefinition maxWarningsBeforeFail Max Warnings Before Failing
product mediumImagePath Medium Image
integrationJobLog message Description
messageStatus messageId Message
customerProduct name Customer Specific Name
customerProductSet name Restriction Group Name
jobDefinition name Job Name
jobDefinitionStep name Step Name
restrictionGroup name Restriction Group Name
translationProperty name Property Name
jobDefinition notifyEmail Notification Email List
configurationOption numberDecimals Number of Decimals
configurationOption numberMaxValue Maximum Value
configurationOption numberMinValue Minimum Value
jobDefinitionStep objectName Target Object
configuration overrideOnRefresh Override local configuration on refresh
jobDefinitionStepFieldMap overwrite Can Overwrite
configurationPage pageNumber Page #
configurationPage pageTitle Title
category parent Parent Category
customer parent Parent Customer
category parentId Parent Category
customer parentId Parent
translationProperty parentTable Parent Object
website parentWebsiteId Parent Website
content personaId Persona
salesperson phone1 Phone
customer pricingCustomerId Pricing Customer
customer primarySalesperson Primary Sales Rep
customer primarySalespersonId Primary Sales Rep
customerProduct productId Product
productWarehouse productId Product
shippingRestriction productId Product
shipRule productId Product
product productWarehouses Warehouses
content publishToProductionOn Publish
productUnitOfMeasure qtyPerBaseUnitOfMeasure Qty Per U/M
configurationOptionCondition queryDisplayField Display Field
configurationOptionCondition queryInputField Input Field
configurationOption radioButtonOrientation Display Orientation
integrationJob recordCount Total
integrationJob recordsAdded Added
integrationJob recordsDeleted Deleted
integrationJob recordsModified Modified
jobDefinition recurringEndDateTime End Date/Time
jobDefinition recurringInterval Repeat Every
jobDefinition recurringJob Run as a Recurring Job
jobDefinition recurringStartDateTime Start Date/Time
searchTermRedirect redirectUri Redirect URL
product replacementProductId Replacement Product
product restrictionGroupId Restriction Group
carrier ruleManagerId Rule Manager
category ruleManagerId Rule Manager
shipVia ruleManagerId Rule Manager
ruleTypeOption ruleTypeId Rule Type
ruleClause ruleTypeOptionId Rule Type Option
integrationJob runStandalone Skip Linked Jobs
salesperson salesManagerId Sales Manager
customerOrder salesperson Sales Rep
invoiceHistory salesperson Sales Rep
orderHistory salesperson Sales Rep
userProfile salesperson Sales Rep
customerOrder salespersonId Sales Rep
salesperson salespersonNumber Sales Rep Number
integrationJob scheduleDateTime Date Scheduled
configurationOptionCondition scriptCondition Condition Script
configurationOption scriptOnEntry On Entry Script
configurationPage scriptOnEntry On Entry Script
configuration scriptOnFinalize Finalize Script
configuration scriptOnInitialize Initialize Script
configurationOption scriptOnLeave On Leave Script
configurationPage scriptOnLeave On Leave Script
configuration scriptOnPricingRequest Pricing Request Script - C#
configurationPage scriptPassFail Pass/Fail Script
configurationOption scriptPromptWhen Prompt When Script
configurationPage scriptPromptWhen Prompt When Script
configurationOption selectionListDisplays Display Value
configurationOptionCondition selectionListDisplays Display Value
configurationOption selectionListPriceAdjustment Price
configurationOptionCondition selectionListPriceAdjustment Price
configurationOption selectionListValues Input Value
configurationOptionCondition selectionListValues Input Value
configurationOption setAsFutureDefault Default for other configurations
customer shipCode Default Shipping Service
shipRule shipRateId Ship Rate
customerBudget shipToCustomer Ship To
shipCharge shipViaId Ship Via
shipRule shipViaId Ship Via
category shortDescription Category Title
product shortDescription Product Title
configurationPage skipIfNoInputs Skip Page if no active inputs
configurationPage skipScriptsIfNoInputs Skip Scripts if no active inputs
product smallImagePath Small Image
configuration smartPartPrefix Prefix
configuration smartPartSeparator Separator
customerOrder stAddress1 Address 1
customerOrder stAddress2 Address 2
customerOrder stAddress3 Address 3
customerOrder stAddress4 Address 4
integrationJob startDateTime Date Started
customer stateId State
shippingRestriction stateId State
shipRule stateId State
customerOrder stCity City
customerOrder stCompanyName Company Name
customerOrder stCountry Country
customerOrder stEmail Email
customerOrder stFirstName First Name
customerOrder stLastName Last Name
customerOrder stMiddleName Middle Name
customerOrder stPhone Phone
customerOrder stPostalCode Postal Code
customerOrder stState State
product styleChildren Variant Children
product styleClass Variant Type
product styleClassId Variant Type
product styleParentId Variant Parent
styleClass styleTraits Variant Traits
styleTrait styleTraitValues Variant Trait Values
product subscriptionShipViaId Subscription Ship Via
categoryRelatedProduct systemListValueId Product Relationship System List Value ID
productRelatedProduct systemListValueId Product Relationship System List Value ID
customer termsCode Default Payment Method
configurationOption textCharacterType Character Types
configurationOption textIsMultiline Multiline Entry
configurationOption textMaxLength Maximum Length
configurationOption textMinLength Minimum Length
configurationOption textValidEntryList Validation List
messageAudit toUserProfileId To User Profile
translationProperty translatedValue Translation
integrationJobLog typeName Type
productUnitOfMeasure unitOfMeasure U/M
messageStatus userProfileId User Profile
punchOutCustomerUserProfileMap userProfileId User Profile
salesperson userProfileId User Profile
product vendorId Vendor
productWarehouse warehouseId Warehouse
integrationJob warningCount #/Warnings
applicationMessage websiteId Website Target
category websiteId Website
searchTermRedirect websiteId Website
websiteCurrency websiteId Website
websiteLanguage websiteId Website
searchSynonym word Keyword
configurationOption xPosition X-Position
configurationOption yPosition Y-Position
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Last updated: Dec 11, 2020

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