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Add custom properties to the search index

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You can add custom properties to the search index by enabling the queryable flag in the Admin Console. Custom properties will then be treated as text and are added to the ExactMatch, PrefixMatch and PhraseMatch queries during a search.

  1. Define custom property in the Application Dictionary (see related articles below).
  2. Add queryable flag:
    1. Go to Admin Console > Marketing > Search > Field Boosting
    2. Find the custom property.
    3. Edit the custom property.
    4. Change Queryable to Yes
    5. Adjust boost value as desired.
  3. Rebuild the Elasticsearch index (see related article below)

Note: We only index custom properties which are specifically marked as being searchable when creating the search index (Search.Searchboost, name = Field_customProperties.<custom prop name> and IsQueryable = 1).

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Last updated: Dec 11, 2020

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