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Catalog Pages API handler

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URL: /api/v1/catalogpages

Description: Return a single catalog page model with product or category information populated

Base: HandlerBase<GetCategoryByPathParameter, GetCategoryByPathResult>

Base: HandlerBase<GetCatalogPageParameter, GetCatalogPageResult>


Order Handler


500 GetCategoryByPathHandler

Gets category by path. If GetSubCategories parameter is 'true' then handler also return subcategories.

Order Handler Description
500 CreateRootBreadcrumb Adds the "Home" breadcrumb to the BreadCrumbcollection on the result object.
600 ProcessRequestPath Processes the URL request path to add breadcrumbs to the BreadCrumbcollection on the result object. This adds both category and product breadcrumbs. If the URL path contains a category, the Categoryproperty on the result object is populated with the category data. If the URL path ends with a product URL segment, the Productproperty on the result object is populated with the product data.
700 PopulateSubCategories Populates the subcategories for the category in the result. If the GetSubCategoriesproperty on the parameter object equals "false" or the URL path did not contain a category, this handler is skipped. The subcategories are stored in the SubCategoriescollection on the result object.
800 PopulateCanonicalPath Creates the canonical path for the product or category. If the Productproperty on the result object is not null, the CanonicalPathproperty on the result object will point to the product page. Otherwise, the CanoncialPathproperty will point to the catalog page (associated with the Catalogproperty on the result object).
900 PopulateRedirectUrl If the request path (Pathproperty on the parameter object) does not equal the actual (or canonical) category or product URL, the RedirectUrlproperty on the result object is populated with the actual URL to redirect appropriately. Also, the NeedRedirectproperty on the result object is set to "true".
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Last updated: Dec 11, 2020

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