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Order Handler Description
500 FindBrandsWithSearch

Check Randomize parameter is true, execute next handler.

Check for BrandIds contains values, set result.BrandIds to BrandIds parameter.

If nether parameters valid, execute product facets search for Brand, based on BrandId, WebsiteId, StartsWith, Sort, and Manufacturer parameter's.

550 FindRandomBrands Check Randomize parameter is true, using Brand Repository request list of BrandIds. If not true, Execute next handler.
600 GetBrandQuery Create BrandQuery query.
800 ExecuteQuery Executes the BrandQuery, order by result.BrandIds.
900 GetTopSellers

Check GetTopSellers or BrandId parameter is false, then execute next handler.

Check GetTopSellers and BrandId parameter is true, TopSellersProduct result will be filled with GetTopSellerProduct for BrandId parameter.

1000 GetCustomProperties

Check GetCustomProperties parameter is false, then execute next handler.

If GetCustomProperties parameter is true, fill CustomProperties with Brands result and Entity Brand, BuiltInRoles.ISC_StoreFrontApi role, and entity IsCustomProperty properties.

1100 CreateGetBrandResults Iterates over Brands result and call CreateGetBrandResultParameter brandPipeline per each brand.

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Last updated: Dec 11, 2020

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