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Account pipelines

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Order Pipe Description
100 AssignCustomer If customer is not yet assigned to user then assign customer.


Order Pipe Description
100 CreateGetAccountResult

Creates GetAccountResult object and fills next fields:

UserProfile - uses parameter.UserProfile

IsSubscribed - checks if parameter.UserProfile.Email is subscribed to list

IsLockedOut - uses parameter.UserProfile.

IsDeactivatedCanApproveOrders - checks that user has one of next roles: Administrator or Buyer3

CanViewApprovalOrders - checks that user has one of next roles: Administrator, Buyer1, Buyer2, Buyer3

Role - uses first user standard role

200 CopyCustomPropertiesToResult Copies custom properties from parameter.UserProfile to createdGetAccountResult.


Order Pipe Description
100 GetCustomLandingPage Returns custom landing page for specified customer. If customer is not specified then returns null. If customer CustomLandingPage property is blank then returns empty string. Else returns customer CustomLandingPage property. If user located at microsite then microsite prefix will be added to page url.


Order Pipe Description
100 GetRoleName Returns first standard role which user has. If user has no standard roles then returns empty string.


Order Pipe Description
100 GetRoles

Returns GetRolesResult object with next fields:

  • StandardRoles - list of all standard roles. It includes Administrator, also if budged management is enabled it includes Buyer1, Buyer2 and Buyer3, also if requisitions is enabled then it includes Requisitioner
  • RolesThatCanBeApprovers - Administrator, Buyer3
  • RolesThatRequireApprover - Requisitioner, Buyer1, Buyer2
  • RolesThatCanViewApprovals - Administrator, Buyer1, Buyer2, Buyer3
  • RolesThatCanViewUsers - Administrator
  • RolesThatCanAddUsers - Administrator
  • RolesThatCanUpdateUsers - Administrator


Order Pipe Description
100 SetRole Sets role to user. A user can only be assigned to one standard role, so if the role to set is one of the standard roles removes the current standard role and adds the new one.


Order Pipe Description
100 UnassignCustomer Unassigns specified customer from specified user if user has this customer.
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Last updated: Dec 11, 2020

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