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Queries whether a recipient can receive mailings in Optimizely Campaign (i.e., are valid) from multiple recipient lists by checking the following conditions:

  • already exists in all queried recipient lists
  • is not blocked in multiple recipient lists
  • is not unsubscribed in multiple recipient lists
  • is not bounced-out in multiple recipient lists
  • has finished an opt-in process (if any opt-in process exists) in multiple recipient lists

By default, the media type EMAIL is used. Use the setMediaType method to select another media type such as SMS.

Type: boolean[ ]


Name Type Value



ID of the session


long[ ]

IDs of the recipient lists



ID of the recipient

Return values

For each recipient list:

  • true: Recipient matches all conditions and receives mailings
  • false: Recipient does not match at least one condition and does not receive any mailings

Code structure

boolean[] containsValidMultiple(String sessionId, long[] recipientListIds, String recipientId) 
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Last updated: Apr 25, 2018

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