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This web service enables you to query, create, edit and delete split mailings in Optimizely Campaign. To create mailings to be used as splits, use the MailIdWebservice methods.

Method Description


Converts an existing mailing into a split mailing and assigns this mailing to a master mailing.


Queries the IDs of all split mailings which are assigned to a specific master mailing.


Queries the ID of the master mailing, which is associated with a specific split mailing.


Converts a split mailing into a regular mailing.


Defines the selection criterion for sending a split mailing as master mailing.


Defines the sending delay for the start of a master mailing after all split mailings have been sent.

Mailing type

The following mailing type is supported:

  • split: A regular split mailing

MIME type

The following MIME types are supported:

  • text/plain: Text emails
  • text/html: HTML emails
  • multipart/alternative: Text and HTML emails

Selection criteria

The following selection criteria are supported:

  • OPEN_RATE: Open rate
  • BOUNCE_RATE: Bounce rate
  • CLICK_RATE: Click rate
  • EFFECTIVE_CLICK_RATE: Effective click rate
  • UNSUBSCRIBE_RATE: Unsubscribe rate
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Last updated: Apr 25, 2018

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