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createtrackingoptout and deletetrackingoptout

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These procedures allow you to deactivate and reactivate the use of action-based data for a recipient in Optimizely Campaign. These procedures are available in the form and mail service.

On forms or in emails, you can give recipients the option to reject the use of personally identifiable data. If they do, the recipients are not included in action-based target groups (e.g., "has clicked Link B in Mailing A"), even if they meet the conditions of the target group.

Notes on tracking opt-out

  • Opens and clicks are still saved anonymously and included in global reports. The open and clicks in a mailing of such a recipient would therefore be counted. However, the recipient is not taken into account if you create a target group containing all recipients of this mailing who opened or clicked it.  
  • All personal action-based data are anonymized from the time of activation. Action data in the recipient history is not retrospectively anonymized.


Name Mandatory Default value Description



The recipient ID (usually the email address)
This parameter is not required when using the mail service. This parameter is required when using the form service.

Return values

Value Description
  • createtrackingoptout. The use of action-based data was deactivated for the recipient.
  • deletetrackingoptout. The use of action-based data was reactivated for the recipient.

The execution of this operation was prevented because it is deactivated. Ask customer support to activate this feature.


Authorization failed.

Error codes:

  • 501=wrong authentication tag
  • 502=wrong request IP
  • 503=wrong request method
  • 504=wrong protocol
  • 505=wrong recipient list
  • 506=wrong action
  • 507=action not found

Note: If a verification of the authentication tag does not solve the problem, contact customer support.


No bmRecipientId was transmitted (mandatory) when using the form service.


A general error has occurred.

Example 1


The use of action-based data has been deactivated for the recipient with ID john.deer@example.com.

Example 2


The use of action-based data has been reactivated for the recipient with ID john.deer@example.com.

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Last updated: Apr 25, 2018

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