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This operation unsubscribes a recipient from a recipient list in Optimizely Campaign. By default, unsubscribed recipients are not deleted from the list, but marked as unsubscribed.

This operation is available in the mail and the form services.


Name Mandatory Default value Description



The ID of the recipient (usually the email address).

If used in the mail service, this parameter is not mandatory (the email address is sent anyway). If used in the form service, the parameter is mandatory.



This ID identifies the recipient to be unsubscribed and the received email. If not transmitted in the form service, the unsubscription is valid, but cannot be assigned to a specific mailing.




If set to true, the recipient is removed from all recipient lists.

Note: Recipients contained in test recipient lists and transaction recipient lists cannot be deleted with this parameter.

Return values

Value Description

Recipient successfully unsubscribed from recipient list

ok: not_found

Only with bmVerbose=true and bmRemoveId=true: The recipient to be removed was not found in any recipient list.

ok: already_unsubscribed

Only with bmVerbose=true: Recipient is already unsubscribed. In this case, the recipient cannot be removed from the recipient list.


Authorization failed.

Error codes:

  • 501=wrong authentication tag
  • 502=wrong request IP
  • 503=wrong request method
  • 504=wrong protocol
  • 505=wrong recipient list
  • 506=wrong action
  • 507=action not found
Tip: If a verification of the authentication tag does not solve the problem, contact customer support.

No bmRecipientId was set (mandatory) when using the form service.


A general error occurred.

Example 1


Unsubscribes the recipient with the ID john.smith@example.com using the form service.

Example 2


Unsubscribes the recipient of the newsletter and removes the recipient from all recipient lists. Then, the recipient is forwarded to www.example.com.

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Last updated: Apr 25, 2018

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