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Use the REST API to integrate Optimizely Campaign features into your software or manage and control them remotely by using HTTP requests. The REST API is a convenient alternative to the SOAP API that lets you also manage Smart Campaigns.

REST supports several standards and formats, such as HTTPS, URI, JSON and XML. You can retrieve data from and send data to Optimizely Campaign via REST API.

Tip: To learn how to set up the REST API and send requests, see Getting started.

What can I do with the REST API?

You can execute virtually any function of Optimizely Campaign from a remote system without using the web browser and logging into your client manually, for example:

  • Campaign management
    • Activate and start a Smart Campaign
    • Get report data of sent mailings
    • Create and send transactional mails
  • Recipient management
    • Create recipient lists and add new recipients
    • Update blocklists or create a custom blocklist
    • Add recipients to an unsubscribe list
  • Bounce management
    • Check the bounce status of recipients
    • Reset the bounce counter of a recipient

Services and operations

In total, Optimizely provides more than 200 operations for the Optimizely Campaign services listed below. For an overview of all resources and operations, see the Swagger resource documentation.

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Last updated: Jul 20, 2021

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