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Automatic tracking link extension job

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Note: This is an additional feature that is charged via the support services, according to the time and effort involved.


  • The TrackingLinkExtender adds parameters to the tracking URL of a mailing. This  can be needed for example for an integration into a webtracking system.
  • The extension is also functional for links in test emails.
  • The parameters can consist of fixed values, field functions or recipient list fields.

Note: You must have link tracking activated.

Note: The extension is done during rendering so that the added parameters do not exist in the decoded tracking link.

Send a request

If you want Optimizely to set up this job for your client, fill in the service request form and submit it directly to Optimizely customer support.

Note: You must have an SCP account that Optimizely customer support has set up for you. For more information, see Optimizely User Guide.

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Last updated: Jun 16, 2020

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