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Recipient import job

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Note: This is an additional feature that is charged via the support services, according to the time and effort involved.


  • The recipient import job imports recipient data from a CSV file into a recipient list on a regular basis.
  • Set the import frequency to daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Select whether to clear the target recipient list before the import, to overwrite existing entries or to add the new entries to the existing data.
  • You can use CSV files or gzip-files that contain a CSV file.

Note: Changes to the structure of your CSV file can result in errors during import. Report all changes to the CSV file structure to Optimizely customer support so that the import job can be adjusted.

Send a request

If you want Optimizely to set up this job for your client, fill in the service request form and submit it directly to Optimizely customer support.

Note: You must have an SCP account that Optimizely customer support has set up for you. For more information, see Optimizely User Guide.

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Last updated: Jun 16, 2020

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