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Importing catalog data

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This topic explains options for importing catalog data between e-commerce sites, including the addition of metadata in multiple languages.

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  • Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Storage
Note: You should not import data directly into the catalog system database unless you have a full understanding of how it works.

Import scenarios and options

You can import catalog data using these methods.

Catalog data from another Optimizely Commerce site

If you are moving a catalog from another Optimizely Commerce site to your Optimizely Commerce site, a catalog import and export feature uses XML to make this task straightforward.

Catalog data from a non-Optimizely Commerce site

CSV import

If moving data from a non-Optimizely Commerce site to an Optimizely Commerce site, you can use the catalog CSV import feature. The CSV import requires you to map fields from the non-Optimizely Commerce catalog system to matching catalog metadata fields in the target Optimizely Commerce site. This can be problematic because catalog system metadata fields may differ from one implementation to the next, depending on how the catalog system is configured.

See Importing and exporting a catalog to learn how to work with catalog imports.

Managing versions when importing

To improve performance by eliminating previous versions, see Clear version history for saved catalog content.

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Last updated: Nov 17, 2020

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