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Product associations (related entries)

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Product associations (or related entries) are used to promote related products. Common examples include:

  • Up-selling. Presents newer or better versions of the product. For example, when displaying a television, display newer models in the same product line.
  • Cross-selling. Shows related products. For example, when displaying a shirt, show other shirts by the same designer.
  • Accessories. Encourage the customer to add related or required accessories to a shopping cart. Examples include spare batteries, memory cards, or cables for electronics.
  • Warranties. Allow dependent items, such as product warranties, to be sold with a product.

The solution can be implemented to display product associations for example on category, product, shopping cart, checkout, or receipt pages. How association types are displayed is implementation-specific. The types of associations (association groups) available to a Merchandiser in the Catalog UI should be set up to match this.

Working with associations

The APIs for working with associations are described in Related entries.

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Last updated: Oct 24, 2016

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