Area: Optimizely Commerce
Applies to versions: 13.31.0 and higher

Recording order activities

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This topic describes recording of order activities in Episerver Commerce. The feature allows order managers and customer service representatives to track the history of a specific order for audit and analysis purpose. A wide range of events related to order/shipment status update, payment and promotion of an order will be automatically recorded and users can view it in the Order Notes section in the Order Management view.

How it works

OrderActivity logs order activities from the Order Managament (CSR). Recording of order activities is based on the OrderNote feature. The OrderActivityEvent enum defines events that will be recorded when processing an Order, and the IOrderActivity interface extends from IOrderNote.

When processing an Order, activities will be recorded automatically to the OrderNote collection, and the OrderNote collection of OrderGroup will contain both OrderNote and OrderActivity. You can add custom OrderNote in Order Management. These are of Custom note type, whereas the OrderActivity is a System note type which cannot be updated or deleted.

OrderActivityEvent enum

This defines the event types that will be recorded for OrderActivity.

Item Description
OrderGroupCreated A purchase order is created.
OrderGroupOnHold The order is on hold.
OrderGroupCompleted The order is completed.
OrderGroupInProgress The order is in progress.
OrderGroupCancelled The order is canceled.
ShipmentAwaitingInventory The shipment is waiting for inventory.
ShipmentCancelled The shipment is canceled.
ShipmentPacking The shipment is added to pickList.
ShipmentReleased The shipment is released.
ShipmentShipped The shipment is shipped.
ReturnCreated A return is created.
AddingPayment A new payment is added.
CreatingRefund A refund is created for the order.
ReturnReceiptItems The return has been received.
PromotionAddCoupon A coupon code is added.
PromotionManualDiscount A manual discount is added.
PromotionRemoveCoupon A coupon code is removed.
None None.

IOrderActivity interface

IOrderActivity extends from IOrderNote.

Item Data type Description
EventType OrderActivityEvent The event type defined in the OrderActivityEvent enum.
Channel string The channel of the order activity, for example Order Management.

Loading OrderActivity for OrderGroup

OrderGroup, all OrderActivity, and OrderNote will be loaded in the OrderNotes property.

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Last updated: Jul 20, 2021

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