Area: Optimizely Community API
Applies to versions: 1 and higher


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This section explains the Comment Feature of the Optimizely Community API (formerly Social) platform.

Comments, the most popular and prominent social feature within a digital community, represent a means of collecting quick and concise user-generated content. Hierarchically structured, comments are naturally suited to promote conversation, which allows you to build and engage an audience around your content.

The Optimizely Community API provides an extensible system for applying comments within an application. You, as a developer, can design features that let your application collect feedback and promote audience engagement around its content.

This section explains how to use the feature, which lets developers:

  • Assign comments to resources within your application
  • Filter and retrieve comments to present in your application
  • Extend comments to develop meaningful discussion solutions

See also: Getting Started with Comments.

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Last updated: Nov 01, 2016

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