Area: Optimizely Content Definitions API
Applies to versions: 3 and higher

Editor Definitions

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Configuring editing of all properties of a certain property dataType and uiHint.

The dataType and uiHint together forms a key that is used to select an editor widget for all properties that share the same key. Omitting uiHint (or leaving it blank) applies the setting to properties of that type that do not have an uiHint and thereby overriding the default editors provided out-of-the-box.

The editor property points to a client-side widget that can edit a specific type.

Create Editor Definition

post/api/episerver/v3.0/editorsCreate new editor definition.

You can also provide custom settings that are available to the editor widget. Example:

  "dataType"       : "PropertyString",
  "uiHint"         : "stringList",
  "editor"         : "clientResources/scripts/editors/StringList",
  "customSetting1" : true,
  "customSetting2" : "Place items on separate lines"


This is a special setting used to provide a list of selection items for a specific property. This works in the same way as single or multiple list options.

  "dataType"   : "PropertyString",
  "uiHint"     : "weekdays",
  "editor"     : "epi-cms/contentediting/editors/CheckBoxListEditor",
  "selections" :
    "Monday"    : "MON",
    "Wednesday" : "WEN",
    "Friday"    : "FRI"
  "dataType"   : "PropertyString",
  "uiHint"     : "color",
  "editor"     : "epi-cms/contentediting/editors/SelectionEditor",
  "selections" :
    "Red"   : "R",
    "Green" : "G",
    "Blue"  : "B"

Update (or create) Editor Definition

Also known as upsert.

put/api/episerver/v3.0/editorsUpdates an existing editor definition or creates a new one.

List all Editor Definitions

get/api/episerver/v3.0/editorsList editor definitions.

Get Editor Definition

get/api/episerver/v3.0/editors/{dataType}/{uiHint}Gets an editor definition identified by a type and an optional uihint.

Remove Editor Definition

delete/api/episerver/v3.0/editors/{dataType}/{uiHint}Deletes an editor definition identified by a type and an optional uihint.
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Last updated: Nov 17, 2021

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