Area: Optimizely Content Definitions API
Applies to versions: 3 and higher

Property Groups

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Property groups are the available tabs in edit view where properties are displayed. The name is the identifier of the group. You can change the built-in tabs by referencing their names, such as information and settings.

Create Property Group

post/api/episerver/v3.0/propertygroupsCreates a new property group in the system.

Update (or create) Property Group

Also known as upsert.

put/api/episerver/v3.0/propertygroups/{name}Updates or creates a property group in the system with the provided name.

List all Property Groups

get/api/episerver/v3.0/propertygroupsList all property groups in the system.

Get Property Group by name

get/api/episerver/v3.0/propertygroups/{name}Gets a property group with the provided name.

Remove Property Group

delete/api/episerver/v3.0/propertygroups/{name}Deletes the property group with the provided name.
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Last updated: Nov 17, 2021

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