Area: Optimizely Content Management API
Applies to versions: 2 and higher

Optimizely Content Management API Developer Guide

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The Optimizely Content Management API adds REST endpoints for basic content management operations such as:

  • Create content objects
  • Get draft content objects
  • Modify existing content objects
  • Delete content objects
  • Move content objects

The REST API is useful for pushing external content to Optimizely without having to deploy custom integration code to the CMS.

Guide contents

This developer guide is split into three parts:


  • Getting started section. This section contains everything you need to get going with Content Management API, such as installation instructions, configuration options, authorization, and extensibility.
  • API fundamentals section. This part contains detailed descriptions and instructions on how to communicate with the API and its different endpoints.
  • REST API reference (OpenAPI/Swagger) documentation. This part is automatically generated documentation from the source code and contains descriptions of the endpoints and models, used mainly for reference purposes.
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Last updated: Apr 20, 2021

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