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Delivery & experimentation

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This section provides an introduction to the Optimizely delivery and experimentation platform. Adding experimentation to your Episerver solution allows teams to control every aspect of the digital experience, optimizing the visitor journey across multiple touchpoints, providing outcome-based digital experiences. 

Delivery and experimentation platform

Capabilities include feature flags and A/B testing to test and learn which features and applications are driving measurable impact.


Full Stack

Optimizely Full Stack is an experimentation platform for websites, mobile apps, smart devices, and back-end code.

With Full Stack you can A/B test everything from search results and promotions, to recommendations and payment options. You can deploy code behind feature flags, experiment with A/B tests, and immediately roll out or roll back flags. You can experiment with specific target audiences, and record metrics and events. The functionality is available with microsecond latency through open-source SDKs.

See Optimizely Full Stack documentation


The Optimizely Web visual editor lets you create and A/B test user interface variations, to optimize and personalize website messaging, including format, layout, and images. Through the user interface you can easily run a test on a web page, for example to improve conversion rates.


Optimizely Web adds a JavaScript snippet that contains all the logic needed to run experiments on the web page. Using the JavaScript API, you can modify the default behavior of the snippet to target activation based on specific page content or events.

See Optimizely Web documentation.


With the Event API you can send event data from any application without using our native Web snippet, Full Stack SDKs or Full Stack Agent, for example to track  user conversions that happen offline or in a restricted security environment, or  in order to enrich your A/B test results with third-party data.

 Once we have your data, we use it to calculate your campaign and experiment metrics and display them on the Results page. You can also conduct your own analysis via the Data Export service.

We "consume" our own API: the Optimizely X clients and SDKs send event data with this API. This consistency helps ensure that your data is processed the same way, regardless of how we receive it.

See Optimizely Data Management documentation.

Performance Edge

Optimizely Performance Edge is a faster way to deliver client-side web experiments that takes advantage of a distributed network called "the edge." Performance Edge is designed to improve page performance by performing targeting and variation assignment tasks at the Edge instead of in the browser.

You have a unique Optimizely endpoint available to you at the Edge. It not only buckets your users into experiments and variations but returns only the changes needed to power those experiments and variations on the current page. Asynchronously, it also loads an Optimizely tracking snippet to log visit and conversion events on the page

See Optimizely Performance Edge documentation.

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Last updated: Mar 15, 2021

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