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Development limitations

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This topic describes limitations when using the Deployment API for Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Current limitations

The Deployment API has the limitations listed below.

Deployment using code packages

  • You cannot include BLOB and DB packages while deploying through code packages.
  • When you deploy the code package directly to the Integration environment using Deployment API, you cannot complete or reset the deployment using the DXP management portal. However, using the API you can get the verification link, complete or reset the deployment to Integration. 

Deployment using source environment

  • You cannot deploy code from the Integration environment to Production.
  • You cannot have the maintenance page displayed for content-only deployments (that is, copying BLOB/DB from source environment) without code. 

Note: The deployment API allows code deployment only using code packages or source environment, but not both at once. Also, the get deployment list API action fetches the top 10 recent deployments.

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Last updated: Apr 02, 2020

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