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The Optimizely platform

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This section provides an introduction to the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with included products and features, and how to get started developing. With Optimizely you can create truly customer-centric experiences, using best-in-class CMS, robust ecommerce, and advanced personalization and marketing automation features.   


Optimizely is based on a secure platform with a modular product suite, and multiple APIs and extensions offering flexible customization and integration possibilities. 

The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform is and end-to-end, full-stack digital platform service package that includes content management, digital marketing, enterprise search and digital commerce in a single cloud service. The service ensures high availability and performance, with configuration and maintenance of required components included.


Feature highlights

Content_32.svg Content

Commerce_32.svg Commerce

Commerce_B2B_32.svg  B2B Commerce

Search_32.svg Search & Navigation

Personalization_32.svg Personalization

Experimentation_32.svg  Delivery & Experimentation

Marketing_32.svg Marketing automation

APIs_32.svg Integration and extension APIs

Cloud_32.svg Cloud services

User interface

See the Optimizely User Guide for user interface and examples of how to work with features as an end-user.

Getting started


Check the system requirements before installing. Easy installation and service onboarding, a set of sample templates and Visual Studio extensions, help you get your development projects quickly up and running. With Optimizely's continuous releases, updates are available on a weekly basis, so you can keep projects up-to-date, with a shorter time-to-market for customer solutions.

Developer guides and APIs

See the Getting started sections and the developer guides to learn how to get started developing with Optimizely. See Optimizely APIs and libraries for information about available libraries, for example C#, Javascript and REST APIs.

Sample and demo sites

When you install an Optimizely site through Visual Studio, you have the option to install a CMS sample site to explore Optimizely. You can also install a Commerce sample site, to explore an example implementation of a Commerce solution.

Optimizely Foundation is a reference architecture and an example of a platform solution with multiple Optimizely products. You can use Foundation for demo purposes, or as a starting point to quickly get up and running with your Optimizely solution.


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Last updated: Jan 23, 2020

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