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Applies to versions: 14 and higher

Countries and regions

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Note: This documentation is for the preview version of the upcoming release of CMS 12/Commerce 14/Search & Navigation 14. Features included here might not be complete, and might be changed before becoming available in the public release. This documentation is provided for evaluation purposes only.

This topic explains how to configure countries and regions in Optimizely Commerce.

Countries and regions are used when configuring markets and tax jurisdictions, and can also be used on the front-end when dealing with order addresses. On install, an extensive list of countries is created.

Classes in this topic are in the following namespaces: 

  • Mediachase.Commerce.Orders
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Orders.Dto
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Orders.Managers

Working with countries and regions

Creating countries and regions

var dto = new CountryDto(); var countryRow = dto.Country.NewCountryRow(); countryRow.Name = "Country Name"; countryRow.Code = "AAA"; //Three digit country code. countryRow.Ordering = 0; countryRow.Visible = true;  if (countryRow.RowState == DataRowState.Detached)     dto.Country.Rows.Add(countryRow);  dto.EnforceConstraints = false; var region = dto.StateProvince.NewStateProvinceRow(); region.Name = "My Region"; region.Ordering = 0; region.Visible = true; region.CountryId = dto.Country[0].CountryId;  if (region.RowState == DataRowState.Detached)     dto.StateProvince.Rows.Add(region);  dto.EnforceConstraints = true;  CountryManager.SaveCountry(dto);

Updating countries and regions

var dto = CountryManager.GetCountry("USA", true); var countryRow = dto.Country[0]; countryRow.Ordering = 20; countryRow.Visible = false;  var ca = countryRow.GetStateProvinceRows().FirstOrDefault(x => x.Name.Equals("California")); ca.Ordering = 5; CountryManager.SaveCountry(dto);

Deleting countries and regions

var dto = CountryManager.GetCountry("USA", true); var countryRow = dto.Country[0]; countryRow.Delete(); CountryManager.SaveCountry(dto);

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Last updated: Jul 02, 2021

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