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Adding the Personalization Portal to the Optimizely UI

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This topic shows how to add the Personalization Portal to the global top menu in the Optimizely platform user interface. The Personalization Portal is the user interface for working with personalization, if you have Optimizely Product Recommendations, Email Product Recommendations, and Triggered Messages as part of your solution.

See Personalization Portal how to work with the personalization features.



  • Optimizely Personalization supports only websites with Episerver.CMS.UI.Core version 11.1 or higher.
  • URL of the site on which you are using the Personalization Portal.
  • Email address and password of the person registered with the Personalization Portal.

Installation and configuration

  1. Install the latest package of EPiServer.Personalization from the Optimizely NuGet site to the target site.
  2. Log into the site.
  3. Go to CMS > Admin > Config > Tool Settings > Personalization. The Personalization configuration page appears.


  4. Enter your authentication credentials for the Personalization Portal. (All fields are required.) Use the credentials emailed to you when you were provisioned with Personalization.


  5. Click Save. The Personalization menu appears on the global navigation to access the Personalization Portal.
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Last updated: Mar 23, 2018

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