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Tracking your site

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Tracking is the first step to collecting data from your site and into the Content Recommendations. You can track in the following ways:

  • Default. Configure tracking automatically with a NuGet package installation.
  • Optional. Deploy tracking tags manually with your tag management system.

Note: You should install tracking on a live site. The tracking mechanism uses live interactions from visitors to process content from your site, so installing on a development site does not let you capture all of your content. To deploy tracking to your development site, the domains of that site need to be in the allow list. See Placing domains on the allow list.

If you are developing recommendation blocks on your development site for testing before go-live, you should apply tracking to your production site, then serve sample recommendations to your development site using this data.

Important: Only one form of tracking should be installed on your site. Double tracking occurs if both are implemented. You are able to change/update your tracking method at any time.

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Last updated: Mar 09, 2020

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