Area: Optimizely Product Recommendations
Applies to versions: 1.0 and higher (JavaScript API)

A/B test—Summary

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To request only the name of the A/B test and the group of the page visitor, set the abTestContent attribute in the tracking request to summary.

                           type          : "home", 
                           lang          : "en-gb",
                           channel       : "web",
                           abTestContent : 'summary'

This results in the info callback being called with the following JSON data passed in.

Name Description and usage
abtest An array of A/B test product records.
  <productname> The product name where <productname> is smartRecs.



A/B test name.
    group [String]

The group assigned to the current visitor.

For example:

  "abtest" : [{
	        "smartRecs" : [{
		                 "name"  : "a/b test",
			         "group" : "A"
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Last updated: Nov 06, 2017

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