Area: Optimizely Product Recommendations
Applies to versions: 1.0 and higher (JavaScript API)

Marking clicks

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If the user clicks on a Product Recommendations item, the click must be tracked to generate useful recommendations. Two JavaScript functions are available to achieve this.

  • Peerius.smartRecsClick(id) must be called when a product recommendation is clicked and the click takes the customer to a new page.
  • Peerius.smartRecsSendClick(id) should be called if the user stays on the same page following the click. (smartRecsSendClick(id) sends the click to our servers via a background request).

Usage of smartRecsClick(id) is demonstrated in the example below:

    // utility function to create the html code of a product
    // using jquery.
        var title=json.title
        var h="<p>"+title+"</p>"
        h+="<a href='"+json.url+"'>"
        h+="<img src='"+json.img+"'/>"
        var p=$('<div>').html(h)
            // extra care to be taken so that the correct recommendation
            // id is used (for reporting purposes)!
	return p
      // implementation of the Peerius callback
          $('<div id="jsonRecs">').html("JSON recommendations").appendTo('.body-content-div')
          for(i in jsonArray)
              var widget=jsonArray[i]
              for(j in widget)
                  var json=widget.recs[j]
                  var p=this.product(json)
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Last updated: Nov 06, 2017

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