Area: Optimizely Product Recommendations
Applies to versions: 1.0 and higher (JavaScript API)

Order confirmation page tracking request

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Similar to the checkout page, the order confirmation page must contain all items in the basket, currency, subtotal, shipping, and order total. The page should also include the order number.

Name Description and usage

Element containing order confirmation specific sub-elements




Order number.
  items List of order items.


Product reference code.




    price [Number]

Unit price.
  currency Currency code.

See Currency codes.
  subtotal [Number]

Subtotal amount.
  shipping [Number]

Shipping cost.
  total [Number]

Total amount of order.

An order page is tracked using the following script.

  "type"  : "order",
  "lang"  : "en-gb",
  "order" : {
	      "orderNo"  : "ABC-DE-123456",
	      "items"    : [{
			      "refCode" : "PROD500",
			      "qty"     : 2,
			      "price"   : 25.5
			      "refCode" : "PROD600",
			      "qty"     : 4,
			      "price"   : 12.0
	      "currency" : "GBP",
	      "subtotal" : 99.0,
	      "shipping" : 3.0,
	      "total"    : 102.0

As with the checkout page example, this example illustrates a basket with 6 items in total, 2 units of PROD500 @ £25.50 each and 4 units PROD600 @ £12.00 each, with a sub-total of £99.99, shipping cost of £3.00, a total of £102.00, and the order number ABC-DE-123456.

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Last updated: Nov 06, 2017

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